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Photo of actor Blake De Pastino  on set at the cabin.

The Story

Vernon Parrish, a retired mayor of a large suburb just outside of Chicago, had moved to the small town of Livingston, Montana, for peace and solitude and to get out of the public eye. After six years, Verne’s past returns to haunt him, driving him into a self-imposed exile at his cabin in the woods, hoping to ride out the media storm. While he is away, a storm of a different form rolls in, drastically changing the world as he knew it, culminating in a tale of a man who is both a victim and a beneficiary of circumstance.

Book cover for No Turning Back: Stories by Dan Burns
Award badge for NIEA 2014 Winner "No Turning Back: Stories"

The screenplay was adapted by Dan Burns, based on his short story,
"Come Out, Wherever You Are,"
originally published in his award-winning short story collection
No Turning Back: Stories.

From Conception to Film

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